The trick to getting six pack Abs

How to get six pack abs is a question that most men ask themselves on a regular basis. Yet most men tend to slack off workouts that involve the abs and the oblique muscles. Diet change is a major factor that can lead to a shredded midsection, but regular training especially of the abs is equally important. It is also important to know the best workout routines that will get those squares lined up.

The muscles of the abs are like any other muscles and require proper training. The reps need to kept fairly low and building resistance is important. Adding more weight when doing crunches and lifts can also be effective. Most people carry unnecessary fat around their midsection. Proper action should therefore be undertaken to reduce the overall body weight. Most men prioritize on big lifts that can build the most muscles and do not allocate enough time for ab exercises. Fitness instructors recommend scheduling a few days a week just to do abs, forearms and calves to ensure they are being worked out at the utmost intensity.

six packAbs exercises can be done anywhere, it is all about the reps. According to recent research, repetitive spinal flexion through crunches and excessive flexion of the spine can do more harm than good. some of the best abs exercise include pull ups, medicine ball slam, abs wheel roll out, palloff presses, the barbell landmine and the pendulum. Pull up exercises can be done using a pull up bar that is a little wider than the width of your shoulders. It involves moving in up and down motion for about 120 seconds doing 3 reps. The medicine ball slam workout involves using a medicine ball. The ball should be held above the head with the torso totally upright. It can be done in threes reps with 60 seconds for resting in between.

An abs wheel workout is quite popular. Using the abs wheels will require one to kneel down holding the wheel on floor and rolling it back and forth. The arms should be properly extended and the back flat before pushing back to the original position. Pallof presses require the use of a cable cross machine. The D –handle should be attached and the pulley adjusted before the routine starts. One needs to assume the correct posture and good position before starting the pulling and pushing reps. One can start with four reps, 10 reps on each side and then rest for a few seconds in between.

The barbell mine is easy to use as long as you can wedge it and rotate it effectively. The pendulum routine requires one to lie on their back with their legs raised at 90 degrees bent at the hips. The legs should then be lowered to the right, then to the left, almost reaching the floor. It can be done in 4 reps on every side with a few seconds of rest in between. performing these exercises religiously with proper diet will eradicate the question on “how to get six pack abs” for good.