Specforce Abs Review

This Specforce abs review is of a training program designed to help users get a six pack within 6 weeks. It includes core training techniques used by the Special Forces. This program targets both men and women who have struggled in the past to get a flat stomach.

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How it Works

Specforce abs highlights 5 factors that can help participants get defined, hard, and flat abs faster than other methods. This program is for individuals who are willing to embrace a simple system that will not waste their time or put your health at risk. The five factors include:

· Abdominal Armoring

Users learn how they can create a supportive stiffness for their abdominal muscles. It can be compared to body armor around the midsection. This armor is essential because if offers a foundation for core development. Todd has come up with a series of progressive exercises to accelerate abdominal armoring.

· Asset Stacking

You have to work three abdominal fields of action including your posterior chain, obliques, and rectus abdominus to get beautiful, flat, functional, and strong abs. These fields also have to work in unison to prevent poor health and injury. Most of the other training programs available focus on the six pack instead of working all the fields. The program includes techniques to activate the whole core.

· Fixed Angle Contraction

Majority of abdominal training methods aim to shorten the muscles. Science has revealed that this can lead to organ problems and injuries. The program provides fixed angle contraction techniques. This approach leads to increased muscle development, allowing users to develop a six pack within a shorter period.

· TQ Work Ups

This training system applies TQ Work Ups to assist users to enhance performance within a short time without injuries. This innovative technique upgrades tissue quality in all the abdominal fields of action. Lamb has come up with a creative way to make it easy to progress to the next skill stage. He has developed a comprehensive plan to let users know when it is time to progress.

· Strategic Target Selection

Specforce Abs uses electromyography (EMG) to determine the specific exercises that will activate muscle fibers depending on your fitness level.

The 5 Stages

About the creator

Specforce Abs is the brainchild Todd Lamb, a former S.W.A.T team member. Todd uses the skills he acquired as a special operations leader to come up with effective techniques for anyone who desires defined and flat abs in just a few weeks. According to this program, traditional abs training can actually make your waistline seem bigger. Lamb also explains that traditional crunches and situps can actually lead to injury and pain. The program highlights the secret methods applied by the best special operations units across the globe to attain superior core muscle function and strength.

Program Components

· Handbook

This program comes with the Specforce abs handbook. It takes you through all the techniques you need to attain those amazing abs. According to the creator, the handbook can help you become more energetic and powerful within a work. A few weeks of following this program will also enhance your core strength significantly.

· Bonus 1

Lamb offers the Fix and Flatten 7-Day Gut Health Protocol as a bonus gift. This bonus will help you get rid of belly inflammation. It also shows you how to make your gut healthier through a simple step-by-step plan.

· Bonus 2

The second bonus is the Blue jeans Perfect-Butt Solution. This is a routine that you can include in your program to make your butt look better. The bonus will make you look amazing when you get new clothes to match your defined body.

Specforce Abs full bundle


  • It offers simple steps for users to follow
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Saves both time and effort for those who desire great abs
  • No equipment required
  • Reliable
  • Can be used by men and women of different ages
  • Available in digital format, allowing you to access it as soon as you make a payment
  • Corrects common ab training mistakes


  • No hardcopy available at present. Only available as an eBook which can be downloaded and read from your PC or an eReader such as an iPad, Kindle, Samsung and iPhone.


The Specforce abs program offers a unique approach to abs training. It highlights some of the mistakes people make when they are working towards stronger and defined six pack abs. The techniques been tried and tested by some of the fittest individuals in the globe. This makes it an ideal solution for anyone who wants to get great abs without wasting energy.

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