Diet and Exercise Tips to Lose Belly Fat

There are countless articles on the web that tell you how to lose belly fat but unfortunately there’s one small problem with all this advice… It’s all contradictory!

Unfortunately, it seems that no one can quite agree on what the best way to lose fat is. Some people say

you should go running, while others say that short bursts of ‘high intensity interval training’ is better.

Some resources claim that cutting carbs is the fast track to reducing that belly flab, while others say all that matters are calories…

So what’s the real scoop? Read on and we’ll get to the bottom of how you should really burn that belly fat!

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The Best Diet

In terms of diet, the most important rule to keep in mind is that you need to be burning more calories than you’re consuming. This keeps you in a deficit and means your body has to burn calories to keep you up and about.

But this doesn’t mean counting calories religiously which is soul crushing. Instead, workout how much you eat on average and then find smart ways to cut back. Research the calories in your most common meals and look for leaner alternatives. Likewise, you might choose to reduce the calories from one meal significantly, or to cut your deserts out.

So what about carbs? Well yes: sugars and simple sugars in particular do spike the blood sugar more than other foods and leave you craving snacks. Things like pasta and cake also typically have far less nutritional value than even foods high in saturated fats. So in your bid to cut down on those calories, cutting back on the carbs is one good strategy. Don’t cut them out entirely though, or you’ll find there’s a big urge to cheat.

The Best Exercise

Now you’re eating fewer calories and you’ve somewhat reduced your carbs, you can add exercise on top to accelerate the speed at which your body burns through those fat stores.

Now a lot of people will tell you that high intensity interval training (alternating between high exertion and short ‘active recovery’ periods) is better than ‘steady state cardio’ (jogging).

The reality? While you might burn more calories more quickly with HIIT, it’s also a lot more punishing and a lot more unpleasant. It’s very hard to stick to a routine that involves such extreme exertion and actually the difference isn’t as drastic as you might imagine. What’s more, performing cardio at a slower rate actually encourages the body to burn fat for fuel. Body-builders used steady state cardio for years to get lean and it has worked for countless others too. In other words? Don’t get fancy: run for an hour once a week and you’ll see the difference.

Final Words

Finally, recognize that losing weight is a slow process and that you can’t dictate the order it comes off. Rather than try to burn belly fat fast with an intense HIIT routine and strict diet, focus on making small changes that you can actually keep up. With time, they’ll add up to an impressive transformation. There are no short-cuts!