Bad foods for muscle building

The kind of diet you adapt determines how healthy you become, more so if you are a bodybuilder you should lay more emphasis in what you eat. Poor feeding habit may make you lose your aim of building a ripped and muscular body, when you consume foods that are rich in elements like protein, carbohydrates, starch and the likes. Your muscular system is most likely to develop, but the reverse can happen if your diet is dominated by excess fats and the likes of dairy products. It is unique when you consider what can add you a muscular body, you need enough energy to achieve that, hence, there is the need to consume foods that are rich in energy, Calories, Fats, Carbohydrates and the likes.

good and bad foods

Here are some foods that are considered to be bad foods for muscle building:

a) Sugary Foods:

You should try avoiding foods that are rich in sugars in order to keep your body ripped and muscular, avoid foods that are laced or packed together with sugars. There are a variety of food stuffs that you should avoid that comes naturally with sugars like; sugary fruits, dairy products as already discussed above as well as some vegetables. Sugar rich food stuff is most likely to affect your insulin level, when you spike your insulin then you add fats hence reversing any muscular gains in the process.

b) Processed Meat:

Processed meat is known for adding fat in your system, though you still need a great deal of protein in order to store energy and build your muscles. But the processed meat shouldn’t be in your diet at all. Processed meat like for ham, chicken, beef, turkey, and the likes have added chemicals to help in preservation. They have some sugar and excess water added that are not good for your muscle building, only fresh meat and related products are recommended in this category so far.

c) Avoid Weight Shakes:

You may be tempted to use weight Gain Shakes to increase your appetite, however, you should be careful and check the contents of the product you are consuming. Many of the shakes are spiked with sugars, artificial sweeteners, and additives which might not go down well with your muscle building. They will just add you chances of getting more fats, hence, loosing you already achieved muscles. In the other way round you can try to make your homemade shakes with fresh products, use almond milk, milk, some fruit products and then add natural flavors. By doing that you are consuming a fresh and pure shake that will aid your body building efforts, unlike the artificial and sweetened shakes that are likely to add fats in your system.

To achieve your mission of a ripped and muscular body, avoid eating processed food stuff but instead try to consume natural and fresh foods that are rich in protein, carbohydrates, Fats, and high Calories. You can alternate between eating fresh chicken breasts and friendly snacks and munches, take dried fruits, tinned fish, fresh yoghurt and non-sugary fruits. When you keep off from such types of foods as discussed above, you will realize that your muscles are built faster than you can imagine.